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Why invest in Chilean Patagonia

Amidst global uncertainty, Chilean Patagonia has become the ideal refuge. It offers the necessary remoteness, abundant natural resources, business opportunities, and a majestic natural environment.

Natural Beauty

Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, including mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and forests. If you’re a nature and tranquility enthusiast, Patagonia provides a spectacular setting.

Long-Term Investment

Land investment offers the potential for significant long-term returns. As the region develops and interest in tourism and environmental conservation grows, the value of properties in Patagonia will appreciate over time.


Many individuals acquire land in Patagonia with the goal of preserving and safeguarding its natural beauty and biodiversity. You can contribute to the conservation of unique ecosystems by acquiring properties in this region.

Properties For Sale

At Produncan Lands, we offer you various real estate options in Chilean Patagonia, ranging from vast ranches and agricultural lands to cozy plots, houses, and even hotels. Explore our diverse portfolio below and follow the link for more information.

Small Plots of Lands

Sofía Lagoon Plots

Laguna Sofía is a project close to Puerto Natales and in one of the most beautiful places in Magallanes. It is a privilege to behold its beautiful landscapes that provoke unique experiences that will exceed all expectations!

USD 92,000

Rupanco Bay Plots

Exclusive project of only 7 parcels on Lake Rupanco. Located in a sector that allows proximity to the city. It has all the basic services, excellent communications and access to the lake for you to have your boat.

USD 224,000

Alerces de Lauca Plots

Plots in native forest with water, electricity, fiber optics connectivity, remote access electric gate and access to common areas. 30minutes from Puerto Varas city. Flexible financing options available.

USD 31,000

Huillinco River Plots

Project adjacent to an estuary with spectacular views. Close to the city and airport, mostly paved access, underground electricity, potable water and nautical area. Perfect place to live in Chiloé.

USD 29,500

Agricultural, Livestock and Multipurpose Fields

Las Golondrinas Field

An agricultural and cattle raising farm of 245 hectares near Los Muermos with a beautiful view of green meadows and volcanoes. It has paved access, marshes, springs, electricity, houses, barn and good signal.

USD 2,500,000

Talingotinto Field

Farm in Los Ríos with 30.5 ha, modern design main house, cabin and worker’s house Drinking water, electricity and varied topography. Great tourist attractions. Great investment opportunity in rural property.

USD 1,139,000

Three Lagoons Field

Field of 65.7 hectares, located in the Rio Norte sector, northeast of Coyhaique, with 800 meters of river bank where you can fish and there is a large waterfall. It also has part of a beautiful lagoon with majestic views.

USD 375,000

Río Bueno Field

Beautiful farm of 33.06ha and 1.1Km of riverbank located from La Union towards the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, within a sector called Trumao, known for its history, wetlands, green hills and wide Rio Bueno that even allows navigation.

USD 561,000

Properties with Tourism Potential

Condor River Lodge

21.31 hectares, 187 meters of seashore and one kilometer of river in Tierra del Fuego, Magallanes. The property is sold turnkey with 4 furnished cabins and barbecue area, automobiles and zodiac with motor, among others.

USD 5,640,000

Kruger Island

An island that is part of the colonization of Última Esperanza. It has 15 hectares and is only 300 meters from the mainland, ideal for a real estate or conservation project. It has a house, shed and warehouse.

USD 1,183,000

Tipaume Farm

House in a beautiful park adjacent to an almond plantation, all within an area of 9 hectares. It is close to Rengo and is ideal for a tourism project, recreation, rest or housing.

USD 1,350,000

Petrohue Tourist Complex

Tourist complex in Puerto Varas, 10,200 m², 3 cabins, large terraces, 3 hot tubs, parking for more than 15 vehicles, close to numerous attractions; One hour from Puerto Varas and 20 minutes from Ensenada

USD 820,000

Lands for Conservation

El Morro Ranch

Discover the Ranch of your dreams in Chilean Patagonia. With an area of 4788.28 hectares, this property offers a 226m² farm house, a 120m² workers’ house, shearing sheds, a shearing shed and a warehouse.

USD 4,300,000

Villa Ortega Field

93ha farm with a unique view of the Patagonian foothills, located 43kms north of Coyhaique and 18kms from the Carretera Austral and Villa Ortega. It has electricity, signal, good access to the property and water from springs and streams.

USD 565,500

El Gato Field

218.75ha farm with 2kms of river bank 90kms north of Coyhaique, 30kms from Route 7, between Villa Ortega and Villa Mañihuales. It has electricity, spring water, telephone signal and rural access in excellent condition.

USD 990,000

El Dial Field

Field of 244ha and 705mts of river bank, one hour south of Coyhaique, in the vicinity of Lake Monreal and the same valley that connects to Cerro Castillo. The property has two streams, watercourses and forest easy to walk through.

USD 1,180,000

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